Meet Willow & Oak Custom Planters

Located at the Jersey Shore, Willow & Oak Custom Planters is owned and operated by Mari Guadagno who designs unique and stunning outdoor container gardens that will instantly bring life to your doorstep every season.  

Mari Guadagno

About Mari

Mari combined her lifelong passion for gardening with her experience in sales and account management to create

Willow & Oak Custom Planters.

Mari has a degree from Rutgers University and has completed multiple classes at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Program in Plant Biology, soil conditions, pest management and floral design. She is a member of Digging In Gathering, a national group of professional container designers, and frequently attends professional development events to keep informed of design trends, pest issues and new plant varieties and offerings.

  You can trust Mari to provide you with the best products and personalized design based on your aesthetic, sunlight and level of care.


 Mari created this program to make your life easier and stress-free by keeping your home or business looking fabulous all year long with gorgeous containers. Her goal is to provide you with year round stunning curbside appeal, whether it is a front porch, patio or and unused corner, with beautiful arrangements for your containers. Mari also prioritizes the excellent customer care she is known for by consistently following up with her clients and ensuring that they are thrilled with their planters.