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Seasonal Service

We know life gets busy and it takes time to maintain a beautiful front entrance or any outside area. Let us do the work for you.  We use our expertise to select plants that grow well together and beautifully compliment one another.  Once we determine your desired aesthetic, we carefully choose and combine plants along with other design elements that will enhance the overall look of your entry way all year.

Willow & Oak delivers fresh, seasonal planters at the beginning of each of the four East Coast seasons.  At the time of install, we remove the old plants to make room for the new ones.  We also offer maintenance programs to keep your investment looking its best.

Our seasonal install schedule is flexible and tailored to fit your needs.  Following is the optimal timeline for planters...

Spring - April, Early May

Summer - Late May through July

Fall - Mid-September through October

Winter - Mid November/ December

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